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DiagTransfer is a chess editor position (fen/EPD) with two originals features
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Alain Blaisot
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29 October 2005

Editor's review

DiagTransfer is for those chess lovers and professionals who cannot miss copying a position when they see one.
When you see a good chess position you would like to save it onto your computer or print it out so that you refer to it at a later time. This program enables you to do so with two of its powerful features. One is it lets you set semi-transparent windows so that it is easier to copy each piece. If not it is very time consuming to check each piece and position and copy it. It also lets you print very good quality diagrams. There is no need to change pieces everytime using the piece-bar. This saves a lot of time and effort. These diagrams can be saved as BMPs or PNGs and sent across to friends through email or just uploaded onto your web page or added to chess forums.
Now you can make what was a boring task into a fun activity by adding colored arrows, squares and printing out beautiful diagrams with ease.

Publisher's description

The simplest way to copy chess diagrams from one program or web page to another quickly and easily.
Copying chess diagrams with a classic position-editor is hard work : you must have both your position-editor and your document/web page application open, and must constantly go back and forth between the two. It becomes a tennis match of sorts: Looking at the diagram you wish to copy in application ‘A’, switching over to application ‘B’ to place the piece, and going back to application ‘A’ to verify the accuracy of the layout,...etc.
With DiagTransfer you “ transfer ” the diagram – by setting the DiagTransfer window in semi-transparent mode and resizing a board on the diagram to be copied. At this point, you have only to « trace » the pieces - no need to remember piece locations !
Even better, you don’t need to change pieces, with the pieces-bar, with a new program capability you change pieces with a little mouse drag.
Note : a piece-bar is still displayed if you prefer this method.
DiagTransfer is the best tool to quickly capture a position when you watch a live chess game on a web page and want capture a position and paste it in a chess program.
Print high quality diagrams
DiagTransfer utilizes a very high quality True Type Font for its characters, enabling the user to print very high-quality diagrams. The picture above is only in-screen resolution of 72DPI (72 dots per inch) and gives you a poor preview of the results you will get a printed page using only a “ normal ” quality mode (300DPI).With a fine quality paper and a 720DPI resolution you will get perfect quality ! Even better than diagrams printed in high quality chess books.
Create PNG images of light weight for a web page or for send as mail attachment
With DIAGTRANSFER you can save a position as a PNG file with a 4 bits depth, so files weight are very small (between 2 and 12 kbp).
Version 2.09
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